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Football Tips by Football Insider

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June 2016 (11W-2D-5L)

Date Match (Tips In Bold) Odds Score Result
26-06-2016 Germany vs Slovakia -1 3-0 win
25-06-2016 Wales vs Northern Ireland -0.5 1-0 win
24-06-2016 Shelbourne vs Waterford United -0.5 0-2 loss
22-06-2016 Belgium vs Sweden -0.5 1-0 win
21-06-2016 Czech Republic vs Turkey +0,0.5 0-2 win
19-06-2016 IFK Mariehamn vs PS Kemi Kings -0.5 2-0 win
18-06-2016 HIFK Helsinki vs Lahti +0 2-2 Draw
17-06-2016 Joinville EC vs Ceara -0,0.5 1-1 loss
14-06-2016 Tupi MG vs Luverdense -0 0-0 Draw
12-06-2016 Ecuador vs Haiti -2,2.5 4-0 win
11-06-2016 Mjondalen IF vs Asane Fotball -0.5 2-0 win
10-06-2016 Chile vs Bolivia -1.5,2 2-1 loss
09-06-2016 HIFK Helsinki vs PK-35 Vantaa -0,0.5 1-2 loss
07-06-2016 Australia vs Greece +0.5 1-2 win
05-06-2016 Bryne vs Sandnes Uif +0,0.5 1-0 win
04-06-2016 Germany vs Hungary -1.5,2 2-0 win
03-06-2016 Sweden U21 vs Georgia U21 -0 3-2 loss
01-06-2016 Poland vs Netherland -0 1-2 win